How Does the pool/spa heat pump work?
In the Heating Mode...

Sun-warmed air is the energy resource utilized by heat pumps. The heat pump draws in and upgrades large quantities of low-grade heat already existing in the air and transfers it to the pool and spa water. This is accomplished by utilizing minimal amounts of electricity and freon gas, along with a high powered fan, super-efficient compressor and your already existing pool pump. The process is similar to your refrigerator or air conditioner, only in reverse.

Step 1) Large quantities of warm air are drawn through the evaporator coils by a high-powered fan.
Step 2) Freon liquid inside these evaporator
coils absorbs the heat from the drawn-in air, changing the freon liquid into warm freon gas.
repeat the cycle
Step 4) This compressed hot freon gas is then pumped through the outer casing of the freon-to-water heat exchanger where it releases its heat to the pool or spa water passing through the inner casing of the heat exchanger. The now warm water is released back into the pool or spa for recirculation through the heat pump until the desired temperature is reached. The freon gas condenses back into a liquid state and is pumped through the system back to the evaporator coils to
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Step 3) The warm freon gas is then passed through a compressor - which compresses or reduces the volume of gas while substantially increasing its temperature.