Comfort Central have been in the heating , Air Conditioning and pool service business for many years and I find that business can only grow thru repeat business from satisfied customers. The experience Comfort Central brings to the area requires highly trained and dedicated technicians with a background in customer satisfaction as well as technical expertise. The Comfort Central team realizes that people do business with people they feel confortable with. We are interested in what is best for you, the client, and are committed to establishing a long-term relationship based on the reputation and trust we generate thru our dedicated referral service. Comfort Central prides itself on being knowledgeable and staying current with changes in the industry that will affect the success of our relationship. You have worked hard to purchase the home of your dreams. We feel the responsibility to make those dreams feel as comfortable as possible with the technology in heating and air conditioning service we can offer. We at Comfort Central look forward to maintaining the same level of dedicated service with our new clients.

This credit program is a partnership between Comfort Central Inc and "the Customer". To enable us to better serve our customers, we sometimes disclose credit application information we collect to 3rd parties during the on-line process. We would like you to consider the paragraph below. If you agree, click on the "I agree" button. If you do not agree, click on the "I disagree" button.

In consideration of my application for credit at this web site, please notify and provide contact information to third party lenders of my interest in the products. (You will be mailed a Privacy notice with Opt out form outlining Lender's privacy policy. It will allow you to choose how we share your information.)

If you choose "I disagree", we cannot disclose to the lender that you applied for credit.

You acknowledge that by clicking on the "I agree" or similar button at the Comfort Central Inc credit card application, yiou are indicating your intent tp sign the releveant document or record and that this shall constitute your signature.

Federal Law

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